Injury Can Cause Gout

It is important to remember that an injury can cause gout. I think everyone is aware that gout can cause injuries – everything from kidney injury to carpal tunnel syndrome – but it also occurs the other way round. Any trauma has the potential to bring on an attach of gout and this can happen even in a part of the body where a gout sufferer does not normally get gout.

injury-caused-goutFor example, my husband normally gets gout in his big toe. We have it very much under control nowadays due to the sensible choices he makes with his food. However, recently he hit one finger with a spanner – it really was a bad blow and very painful. We even wondered if the finger had been broken.

The finger became swollen, extremely painful and stayed that way for weeks. And because it was a finger – and not his big toe – we never even consider that this was a gout attack. We even had the finger x-rayed to ensure that it was broken or dislocated.

It was the doctor who suggested a gout attack as the possible cause – he knows my husband’s long history with gout even though he rarely gets it now. He was put on Synflex and slowly the finger is coming down.

The pain is subsiding and although it is still swollen even after 2 weeks on the Synflex we can see that it is improving. So if you’ve ever had gout and find a swelling on a hand or foot after an injury – even if it is not the site you normally get gout – do consider gout as a possible suspect.

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UPDATE 2015:
There seems to be little scientific proof for this idea – a search in medical research papers does not turn up anything – but all I can say is that it happened frequently enough with my husband over the last several years that I have no doubt at all that an injury can cause gout. It did not seem to matter which joint was involved, if it took a hard knock then there was a strong possibility that gout would happen.

Although historically my husband’s gout always developed in a big toe as he got older he found that a trauma or hard knock to joints such as fingers or knees could also bring it on.. This didn’t happen as a younger man only from about 40 years onwards.