GoutWife’s List of Foods That Get Rid Of Gout

downloadAnyone’s list of foods that get rid of gout will not be very long. My list is no exception, however there ARE foods that are proven to help get rid of gout – gout friendly foods – and here I list them

But for one food to cure gout is a very big ask.  There is a difference between getting rid of something and not causing something – it is easier to find list of foods that are low in purine and therefore helpful – ie don’t cause a gout attack..

However, every scrap of information you can get on foods to eat for gout – or not eat – can help.

My husband no longer gets gout with any frequency. From a dozen or more attacks a year he is down to one (or none) each year depending on how well he has made his food choices. But it certainly is not through the eating of one specific food item, but more through making better food choices overall and one or two keylife style choices.

Why a list of foods that get rid of gout will never be the answer

Gout occurs when uric acid builds up in the body. Sharp crystals develop in the joints throughout the body. especially in the big toes. This is where my husband used to get it.

Uric acid can also be deposited under the skin – it looks like little lumps – which are called tophi. Kidney stones are the result of a buildup of uric acids in the kidneys.

So you can see it is not a nice affliction. Very painful.

But the reason why a list of foods to get rid of gout will never be the complete answer is because most uric acid is derived from the metabolism of endogenous purine.

So although eating foods rich in purines does contribute to the total amount of uric acid in the blood it is not the main cause.

Experts suggest that you limit your intake of high purine meats and fish but studies have shown that high purine vegetables do not seem to do the same damage. So vegies are good.
Eat your greens – just like your mother told you to!

Okay, okay – THE LIST!

I was getting to it!

Each of the following has been PROVEN in medical studies. These are NOT “old wive’s tales!” These are facts.

  • Eating more dairy products (regardless of fat content) helps decrease blood uric acid levels
  • Supplementation of 500 mg per day of vitamin C helps
  • Wine consumption appears to be of benefit – although excess intake will give you a whole other lot of health problems!
  • One study showed that men who ate 2 pieces fruit each day had 50% less risk of getting gout than those who ate half a piece of fruit each day
  • Cherries have been proven to help joint health and get rid of gout
  • A high intake of vegetable protein helps
  • But I’m sure you can see my point. You can’t just live on these foods – you have to eat other food items as well and it is in that combination of what you can eat and what you can’t eat that you will find the real cure.

    Low purine gout diet

    A low purine diet for gout has shown to be very effective. The foods listed below are all low in purines.

    cheese of all kinds (remember these are high in fat)
    corn bread
    fats of any kind
    fruits of all kinds
    fruit juices
    nuts of all kinds (remember these are high in fat)
    wheat bread & wheat products

    Vegetables Low in Purines
    beet greens
    brussel sprouts
    string beans
    summer squash
    swiss chard

    The above are vegetables that are low in purines but even high purine vegetables do not appear to cause a rise in uric acid blood levels.

    Click here for the diet plan my husband followed

    Goutrin -Uric Acid Neutralizer for Gout (120 Capsules) Brand: Organika

    Hubby did not try this but it sounds promising at helping to get rid of purines

    -Natural uric acid neutralizer.
    -Eases inflammation.
    -Helps relieve the pain and discomfort of gout.
    -With black cherry powder extract.
    -Natural diuretic properties.
    Through the use of certain kinds of medications, a proper diet and exercise, gout sufferers will be able to successfully treat their condition. Has many very good reviews on Amazon.

    GoutWife’s Cherry Smoothie

    This is my famous Cherry Smoothie. Every ingredient in this – except the ice – is known to lower the chance of you getting gout.

    1 cup non-fat plain or vanilla yogurt
    1 ripe banana, peeled and sliced
    half cup orange juice
    quarter cup tart cherry juice concentrate
    1 cup crushed ice

    Put yogurt, banana, orange juice, cherry juice concentrate and crushed ice in a blender or food processor. Puree until smooth and serve immediately.

    This will make two servings of them most delicious fruit smoothie that is full of things to help the gout sufferer.

    Two servings?

    One for the husband (the gout sufferer) and one for the GoutWife, of course!

    Best Help For Hearing Loss

    In order to enjoy the bounties of our Creator and to be able to appreciate and become a part of them, we are bestowed with five senses. If any of these senses is impaired, we are forced to live in chaos, since these five senses form equilibrium in our life and world. If you want to save yourself or anyone that you love, from this ordeal that many people have to suffer from, you need to look for the best alternatives. Although, strictly speaking, there could be no perfect alternatives for natural things, but science and technology has advanced a great deal to provide us with some help.

    Hearing loss is becoming a very common problem these days. There are hundreds of people, including men, women, children and the old, who suffer hearing loss at some point of time. To combat this tragedy, you can make use of hearing aids. Hearing aids refer to electronic devices that are operated for the amplification of sound and to facilitate communication for people who have hearing impairment.

    Hearing aids are simple, yet complicated devices with various functions. They contain microphones and speakers. With the help of microphones, the sound is received and changed into sound waves. These sound waves are then transferred to the amplifier, which enhances the signals to reach the speaker.

    How are Hearing Aids the Best Help for Hearing Loss?

    Studies and observations throughout the world have proved that the use of hearing aids could be the best solution for hearing loss. This is true for children, as well as for the young and the old, who face hearing loss. Following are some of the reasons why doctors and individuals suffering from hearing loss, consider hearing aids as the ultimate and the most perfect solution for getting help in hearing loss.

    • If you have ruled out the use of hearing aids, you are missing out the most important and beautiful moments of your life – listening to the first words of your grandson; marriage vows your daughter takes; birthday song that your wife sings to you; and much more. It’s like blocking a way for the world to enter your thoughts, emotions and ideas. It is almost analogous to living on an isolated island – with no communication with the world. Imagine, how a man would mentally grow in such solitude?

    • Today, advanced technology is used in the making of hearing aids. These are sized to be so small that they cannot be even seen by others. This gives you the kind of confidence you have when you are not hard of hearing. No one can even guess that you are having hearing loss, since your hearing aid becomes your ears.

    • It is way better than getting operated. Operations can never guarantee a recovery for hearing loss, so why to try out something that involves so many risks, let alone the heavy medical bills that you would have to pay and the uncomfortable and frightening nature of ‘operations’.

    Difference Between Analog And Digital Hearing Aids

    A hearing aid is an apparatus designed to amplify sound and fits either behind the ear or within the outer ear canal.

    This electro-acoustic device has evolved greatly during the past few years. Earlier, the devices were shaped as funnels to direct sound waves into the ear canal. Nowadays, the device can be fitted to the cochlea, so it is completely invisible and it generates sound waves through circuitry.

    Analog hearing aids are commonly referred to as adjustable control hearing aids. They are designed to enhance the wavelength of sound, consequently increasing it. With the ability to amplify all sounds in a uniform manner, some of them can also be programmed. These programmable hearing aids contain microchips, which automatically switch to settings according to the sound in the environment. Multiple programs for different environments can be stored in such analogue devices. They are easy to operate – adjustments are made through small external controls or through variants on the hearing aid. In some cases, the device can also be activated through remote control. Adjustable circuitry permits the users to adjust the volume according to their personal needs.

    Although, digital hearing aids are almost the same as analog aids the only and most striking difference is that these transform the sound waves into digital signals. This helps in creating a mirror-reflection sound of the original sound. It incorporates computer chips, which are used to detect speech and other sounds in the environment. The sound quality of these hearing aids, in most cases, is better than that of analog hearing aids. The amplification process is more complicated and this results in better functioning. The use and handling is also much easier than analog hearing aids.

    Hearing aids come in different sizes, shapes and models. There is a vast variety of specific features that a hearing aid may include. Some hearing aids rest on the back of the wearer’s ear while some others can be easily fitted into the inner ear. There are also others such as disposable hearing aids; eyeglass aids; and adjustable varieties and so on. Apart from these, there is a variety of wireless hearing aids. These wireless hearing aids make use of Bluetooth and wireless microphones to eliminate the noise in the background for clear listening of radio and TV. These feature directional microphones that help regulate the sound in the required direction. This helps to improve speech clarity. Hearing aids can be customized according to the specific needs of users – they can thus be accommodated with directional or omni-directional microphones.

    Other technological features such as T-Coils are also used in hearing aids. This technology enables the audio sources to link up straightaway to the device. The hearing aid technology includes the use of microphones, receivers, batteries and some sort of electronic circuitry.

    Accommodation In The South Waikato

    Are you looking for somewhere to stay in New Zealand?

    Whare Awhina provides accommodation in the South Waikato at a very reasonable cost. This is a farm stay type dwelling on the slopes of Mount Titiraupenga.

    It can sleep five people spread over two bedrooms but can take an extra three people if necessary.

    accommodation in the south waikato

    The image above shows the living room.

    There is an oven, fridge, microwave, well stocked pantry, washing machine, bath, television, and electric blankets.

    From Whare Awhina you are only 15 minutes to the popular holiday resort at Lake Maraetai and an easy 45 minute drive to both Taupo and Rotorua. Once again, these are two very popular New Zealand holiday resorts making our accommodation in the South Waikato ideal for touring.

    You can easily visit the Waitomo Glowworm Caves and do one of the many exciting tours they have to offer.

    Recently the Waikato River Trails opened and they are yet another enjoyable walk that can be done in this area. There are wonderful views to be had of the Whakamaru Bluffs from the Whakamaru to Atiamuri section.

    So if you’re looking for private accommodation in New Zealand where you can spend some time whilst enjoying a diverse variety of tourist activities, do check out our farm stay accommodation.

    Milk Free, Lactose Free And Dairy Free

    Milk free, lactose free and dairy free -what’s the difference?

    You are not alone in wondering just what the difference is between these three. Many people use the terms indiscriminately so it pays to check.

    See this if you’re looking for sources of milk free Acidophilus.

    Remember that a dairy free supplement or food is not the same as a lactose free one.

    The terms you need to understand in this whole debate are:

    Lactose is a type of sugar found in milk so to be lactose free means that something does not do not contain any milk sugar. However it is not necessarily dairy free as it might contain lactose-free milk protein.

    Dairy free means that something does not contain either lactose ie. milk sugars or milk proteins.

    Milk free is often used when talking about a products that does not contain and dairy in it. The terms dairy and milk free are often used interchangeably. Lactose free, however, is a different thing.

    The reason why people so often struggle with lactose is because we are not designed to drink milk as adults. Humans are the only species of animal that continues to drink milk after our baby years. And to make matters worse, we drink the milk of another species. So it is not surprising that so many people struggle with lactose intolerance problems.

    Gorgeous Cherry Pendant

    I’ve just spotted a gorgeous cherry pendant. And even twice as good – it has two cherries, both made from ruby coloured Swakrovski crystals.

    You can see for yourself what a cracker it is.

    With two emerald coloured leaves and the two Swarovski crystal cherries it is an eye catching piece. The stems of the cherries are made from sterling silver and the way each ruby cherry hangs from its stem looks great. It is a dainty charm on an 18 inch sterling silver chain and yet with the bright contrasting colors of the fruits and the leaf and the stems will not be overlooked.

    There is a lot of folklore about rubies because it is the birthstone for July. These are not the real deal but the colour is ruby red. Rubies can warn the wearer of approaching danger and also help to bring luck and good fortune. Whether any of that is true doesn’t matter because this lovely ruby coloured cherry pendant does not need any more enhancement. It is lovely just the way it is.

    Constipation – Causes and Cures

    Constipation can be a real problem for some people. It can leave you feeling sluggish and bloated and have a negative effect on your health.

    There are 3 main causes of constipation – lack of fiber, lack of water and a lack of the right sort of beneficial bacteria in your bowel.

    You can read more about what causes constipation but if you eliminate those 3 factors you will cure many cases of constipation.

    Now increasing your dose of fiber and water is fairly easy. By drinking 8 extra glasses of water over and above your coffees and other drinks you will have enough water to make sure that the waste moving through your bowel is in a suitably liquid state.

    And by eating plenty of high fiber foods like fruits, vegetables and cereals you will increase your fiber intake too. Some people find that taking a fiber supplement or drink also helps. Metamucil is an orange flavored fiber drink that I take daily.

    And you can buy Yakult, a fermented probiotic drink at your supermarket. You can read about even more choices on probiotics for constipation.

    Is Lactobacillus acidophilus a good choice to cure this problem? It isn’t the best choice but you can read more about acidophilus and constipation here.

    So increase your intake of fibre, water and probiotics and this unpleasant problem should be cured.

    Best Probiotics

    What are the best probiotics?

    It is always interesting to see what other people are buying because you’re tapping in to the experiences of many other people.

    At Best Probiotics you can see what the most popular probiotic supplements that Probiotics LoveThatBug sold during the first three months of the year. Some people try multiple brands before they discover the one that works best for them so you can save a lot of time and money by seeing what they feel are the ones that worked best for them.

    Align and Acidophilus Pearls were the two most popular. Align is a Bifidobacterium based capsule and the Pearls are Lactobacillus acidophilus based.

    You’ll also find the best supplements for women – particularly the products that they found most effective against yeast infection. Particularly for women that have a chronic problem – that the thrush invarialby returns a few weeks or months after treatment – it is useful to see what other women are using. Boric acid inserts were popular, as was the probiotic Fem Dophilus.

    These results were all taken from sales at Amazon over the first quarter of this year (2010).

    Thrush Mouth And False Teeth

    People who wear false teeth are particularly prone to getting yeast infections in the mouth. Unfortunately for women it is more common amongst them than in men.

    One of the most common reasons why people get denture stomatitis, as it is called, is through not taking their dentures out at night. The mouth needs this opportunity to heal itself if there has been any rubbing and to let the mouths own self cleansing mechanism have a chance to work.

    If the dentures are always in then the area between the roof of the mouth and the dental plate can get infected with fungi.

    You will see this problem show as as a very red inflamed area on the roof of the mouth. There may also be patches of a whitish substance that you can scrape off. This is the fungi. Usually it is Candida albicans although other fungi have also been the cause of thrush mouth.

    People that smoke a pipe are also very prone to this complaint so if you do both then you’re getting a double whammy!

    Click through to read more about Denture Stomatitis and simple steps you can take to avoid it.

    Or to read more about Thrush Mouth.

    Unsure if you have this complaint? Check out Pictures Of Oral Thrush.

    Oral Thrush Symptoms And Treatment

    If you suspect that you have oral thrush then you need to know about both thrush mouth symptoms and oral thrush treatment

    The most common symptom of oral yeast infection is the white patches that appear inside the mouth. They are often described as cottage cheese like and that is a very good description. Usually there will be pain in the mouth and often a little bleeding.

    Mostly the infection stays clearly within the mouth – it will be on your tongue and inside your cheeks – but occasionally a more serious infection can occur when it spreads into the throat area. If this happens you need to see your doctor immediately.

    Treatment can be conventional with fungal killing pills and potions or can be probiotic when you use good bacteria to mount a defense.

    Acidophilus yogurt has helped some people as has aged cheeses. These are both foods that are rich in health promoting probiotics and several scientific studies have shown the validity of their claim to help.

    Once you understand that fungi and bacteria both normally share the oral cavity you can see how by increasing the ratio of good bacteria to fungi that you can life much harder for the fungi. There is less room for them to spread to and the probiotics inhibit their metabolic processes.

    There are also a number of probiotic supplements that have proved successful at combating oral yeast infection. To read more about them check out thrush mouth treatment